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Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Denver Motorcycle Injury Lawyer

Denver Motorcycle Accident AttorneyThe Colorado Rockies offer motorcycle riders a chance to cruise through some of the most beautiful scenery in the country. Colorado metropolitan areas, including Denver, provide many events and that bring motorcycle riders together in the cities. In fact, local charities can thank Colorado motorcycle riders for raising thousands of dollars every year for many different organizations. As wonderful as motorcycle riding in Denver is, it still remains dangerous. Every year nearly 100,000 people are injured in motorcycle accidents across the United States and thousands are killed. These injuries can range from minor to severe and include injuries to the head, neck and spine as well as injuries that result in permanent disabilities and disfigurement. So whether you are riding to relax or riding to raise money, please stay on the look out for possible dangers around you.  

Traumatic Brain Injuries and Head Injuries:

Brain InjuryMotorcycle accident related traumatic brain injuries are sometimes caused by blunt force trauma to the head that can result in brain bleeding or swelling. In some cases these injuries block the brain’s ability to receive blood and oxygen, thus suffocating the brain. In other case the brain itself suffers physical damage from being crushed or because the skull was somehow penetrated. While some brain injuries are obvious, others may take time and significant diagnostic tests to uncover. It is possible that the full extent of a brain injury may not be known for sometime. Symptoms may range from obvious to subtle and can include blindness, slurred speech, loss of focus, or mood swings.

Spinal Cord Injuries:

Spinal cord injuries are perhaps a motorcycle rider’s biggest fear. They can result from being thrown awkwardly from a bike, landing with one’s back against a telephone type pole, or from being crushed by a rolling motorcycle or moving car.  The spinal cord is not something that is easily repaired, so these injures can be significant and permanent. They can result in partial or full paralysis and leave riders either para- or quadriplegics. When a spinal cord injury is not permanent, it can still be extremely painful and take years to recover from. Recovery can come in the form of physical and occupational therapy as well as surgeries and spinal cord implants.

Broken Bones and Fractures:

Bone fractures from motorcycle accidents can be devastating. Our bodies are not made to withstand the weight of a motorcycle or a car. Motorcycles, unlike cars, do not provide any type of structural protection during an impact. Unfortunately a motorcycle rider’s bones become susceptible to fractures and breaks. While the setting and healing broken bones should be done immediately, it does not always guarantee a complete recovery. Broken bones can cause a lifetime of pain, especially if requiring multiple surgeries and medical implants.

Road Rash:

Road Rash, though painful, is probably the least life threatening of all motorcycle related injuries. Road rash refers to the cuts and bruises a rider receives as he or she slides down the road after a spill. Road rash can be less severe when a rider wears leather riding gear, but that too is not always enough to stop the abrasions. Road rash can result in permanent scarring and disfigurement which may require plastic surgeries and skin grafts.

Contact a Denver Motorcycle Accident Injury Attorney

Motorcycle Accident Injury AttorneyIf you are a motorcycle rider, or someone you love was injured in a motorcycle accident, reach out to Denver Motorcycle Accident Attorney Wade Eldridge. Wade has focused his practice on getting motorcycle riders and passengers the compensation they need to move on with their lives. Wade will give you a FREE case evaluation and discuss with you the legal options for your case. Call him today at (303) 861-4222 or visit our Contact Us webpage.

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