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Motorcycle Accident Investigations

Denver Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Denver Motorcycle Accident AttorneyWhen motorcycle accident lawyer Wade H. Eldridge takes on an injury case, the investigation is about so much more than who was at fault. While the details of the incident are important, equally important are investigating the true extent and cost of injuries, investigating how an accident has changed a rider’s life, and investigating the full extent of all possible insurance coverage. Wade works hard to get his clients every bit of available compensation. To do this he conducts a comprehensive investigation of all aspects related to the motorcycle accident.

Motorcycle Accident Investigation

In a Colorado motorcycle accident investigation, our team will visit the scene, collect and exam police reports, victim statements, witness statements, examine weather factors, identify possible blind spots, determine the presence of drugs or alcohol, investigate the possibility of distracted drivers, note traffic congestion, and more. We use this information to create as detailed a picture possible of all the factors that lead to a collision. Just because someone says an accident was not their fault does not make it true. The proper collection and investigation of all the facts should produce the truth. 

Mechanical Investigation

Our team will examine the motorcycle and vehicles involved to make sure there were no product defects or mechanical failures. We will also examine whether or not all items required by law were present, such as working blinkers, lights, and mirrors.

Medical Investigation

A medical investigation is about so much more than reviewing an emergency room doctor's report. We want to know how severe your injuries are, whether or not they can be treated, how long treatment could take, and all the costs associated with recovery. Not all injuries are immediately recognizable. Sever pain and swelling in one area can mask injuries in another. Sometimes brain injuries are not apparent to riders until weeks, months, or even years after an accident. A thorough medical investigation must be conducted so that an injured rider can be compensated for all their damages. 

Insurance Investigation

Insurance requirements can be confusing. Proving fault can sometimes be complicated. Determining what insurance company should be responsible for what specific claim is not something that should be left up to a rider who has just been injured in an accident. Our Colorado law firm will investigate and uncover the policy limits for every party involved in your accident and work hard to see that you do not go uncovered.

Contact a Denver Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Motorcycle Accident Injury AttorneyIf you or a loved one have been injured in a motorcycle accident, contact Denver, Colorado lawyer Wade H. Eldridge. He will examine your motorcycle accident case and work hard to recover financial compensation! Call (303) 861-4222 today!

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